How Impact Oil Gloves Are Utilized in the Oil Fields?

Every job has an inherent risk of injury which needs to be considered. In most cases we look for ways to protect ourselves but we cannot fully assure ourselves of the degree of safety those equipment will provide. Hence, it is necessary that we select the gloves and gears which are fully safe and come with high grade safety configuration and certification. Impact gloves are one such accessory that is lightweight and provides high grade safety as well. Continue reading to find out the core benefits these impact gloves Oilfield provides.

Why use high impact gloves?

The first and foremost reason for using these impact gloves is that it is very robust. The construction of these gloves are rigid with a tight outer shell with sections of rubbers and other durable materials. All the fingers and back side of your hand will be protected by those rubber coatings while the hard shell will provide safety from burns or other harmful substances.

The impact spots have been selected in manner that the most likely areas for industries are well protected. The overall protection in these gloves makes it very special and reliable for industrial usage. The hand movements are also improved due to the rubberized texture and that makes the work better. In oilfields the oily substances make the task hard. However, with the rubber padding the grip is deemed to improve and you can improve your efficiency as well. The work in oil fields is also quite tedious and repetitive in nature.

The vibrations can cause serious injuries to the worker’s hand. This is the primary reason why you need to consider impact gloves for providing the optimal level of protection. Oils are hot and hard to handle. Carrying the same on bare barrels also requires the workers to risk their safety in terms of their hands. These impact gloves will provide security for burns caused due to the what. The efficiency will increase in your workplace while also gaining better reliability for safety of the gloves provided by Your Glove Source.

Where should impact gloves be used?

Injury is imminent in any form of industry however, the oil and gas industry has the most number of risk associated with workers. There have been numerous cases over the years related to the health and safety of the works. Most of the accidents claim the finger and hands of the rockers in this industry. The issues are caused to the crushing or even brochure related activities which makes the injuries furthermore serious.

More than half of the incidents are related to loss of fingers and hand related injuries in workers. These facts indicate that impact gloves Oilfield are the best solution for such incidents with risk for the workers hand. The gloves are of high grade materials and can ensure that such events are mitigated. With added safety these gloves also facilitate the efficiency of workers since they are flexible and provide excellent grip due to rubber coating.


Safety is the prime motivating factor for any workers in any industry. This is even truer in the case of the oil industry where the workers have to work in the oilfields. Providing them with the high quality gloves can provide them the much needed protection against the injustices. The impact resistant gloves can ensure that the fingers are protected and the movements are made better. The overall rubber coating of the ensures that the grip is strengthened and the workers are able to work the tasks with more efficiency and without any significant issues.

Impact gloves Oilfield needs to be made out of high-quality material that can offer one with the best protection. If you are in search of one such pair of gloves, then go for buying one from Your Gloves Source.


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