Five Tips for Making the Perfect Curry

Making a flavorful curry takes a lot more than simply picking the correct curry powder and the best cut of meat. It is also about adding your own individual touch to the dish, maximising its flavour and achieving the perfect texture. Here are a few hints to apply to your number one curry recipes, helping with taking your signature dishes to new levels of decadence.

Season to perfection

The way in to a delicious curry powder online consistently lies in its flavor. Beside the spices and the curry powder that you use, it is still very important to season well. A crush of new lemon juice, just as a teaspoon or two of salt and sugar, should get the job done just fine.

Potatoes are your friend

While potatoes should consistently be remembered for curry recipes, if you want to effortlessly achieve a thicker consistency, simply add an extra mashed potato or two, mix well and enjoy the mouth-watering, velvety texture.

Achieve the creamy flavour the healthy way

There is really nothing better than a creamy curry dish. However, all of that thick cream does no favours for your waistline! Replace the cream with a healthier alternative by soaking skinned almonds in hot water for 60 minutes, mixing well until a smooth paste is formed and add to the skillet with your entire spices.

Be mindful of the onion

Onion helps to improve the taste of your curry. However, the manner by which you set up the onion is very important indeed. First of all, be sure to dice it quite finely. When frying, ensure that you get it as golden as possible without burning it to accomplish maximum flavour potential. If you want to speed up the frying process, simply add a teaspoon of salt. Also remember to add a touch of garlic as this will assist with keeping the onion from scalding. 1

Adding your veggies

Since vegetables require almost no cooking time, it is fundamental that you don’t add them until the finish of the process. But, how would you realize when it’s the correct time? When you notice a film of oil forming on the surface of the curry.

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