App Localization: Why and How to Use it for Mobile App Success?

If you are a developer of mobile apps then increasing the exposure and visibility of the app will be your main goal. Because of the steps taken for fulfilling your goal, your MAU (monthly active users) can increase and as a result your earnings can also increase. For serving various users present in different areas you may take interest in customizing the app so that your potential reach can be maximized. Localization of mobile apps is needed for doing this. Accessing the global market after increasing the user base is possible with localization of mobile apps. Increasing the sales by giving good competition and increasing the downloads is possible with this. Now I am going to describe why and how to use app localization for mobile app success.

How will you describe mobile app localization?

For making the application not only work in a default language but in other languages also, it becomes necessary to customize the app. This process is known as localization. The same language can have different dialects and different variations which come under localization. We call these as locales. The country and its language’s combination are known as locales. As an example, the locales of United Kingdom, Canada and the United States where English is spoken are shown as:

  • en_UK: English – United Kingdom
  • en_CA: English – Canada
  • en_US: English – United States

Sometimes there is only one country where a particular language is spoken and not in any other country. In that case, using the language code only is sufficient. For instance:

  • tr: Turkish
  • lt: Lithuanian
  • fi: Finnish

What is the need of mobile app localization?

It has been found that there were 237.72 million people in the US in 2017 who were using the mobile phones and this report has been given by Statista. The reports also show that there were 4.93 billion people in the world who were using the mobile phones at that time. A drastic increase in China’s revenue was observed because of the increased usage of mobile apps and so much time spent on these by the people. This report has been given by App Annie. There are several East Asian and European countries that do not speak English. Now when using Google play for revenue and downloads, it has been found that among the top 5 countries, the percentage of East Asian and European countries was 80 % that used Google play. Similarly, when using the iOS App Store for the revenue and downloads, it has been found that among the top 10 countries, the percentage of these countries was 50 % that used the iOS App Store. Europe generated 23 % of the app revenue of the world, 31 % was generated by North America and Asia generated 41 %.

We can say that gaining worldwide audience exposure by making the use of English in an app will be a good idea. But because of this, in the non-English speaking markets you will not enter. In order to attract the new customers on the basis of their demographics, you can do the customization of your app with the help of Mobile App Localization.

Steps for successful localization

1. By optimizing the keywords of your app store Attracting the target market is possible with the optimization of the app store. When searching for an item the audience may be looking for certain words. You need to perform a careful research of these in spite of perfection in the app because of localization.

2. By optimizing your descriptions It is necessary that the requirements of the users are met with the descriptions of your app. After seeing the item information, the user can reach a decision whether the item is relevant or not and for this he will take only a few seconds’ time. For engaging and impressing them quickly make your item information as per their choice.

3. By considering devices of different screen sizes By localizing the specifications for those smartphones that target audience mostly use you can make them try those apps easily.

If you want your website to be displayed on the different screen sized devices then it will be good for you to contact a responsive web design company.