A Complete Setup Process of QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Your total manual for Install, Update and Setup QuickBooks Database Server Manager 


Being a QuickBooks client, you may be somewhat acquainted with QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Regardless of whether you are a beginner QB client and have never known about Database Server Manager, at that point need not to stress, as toward the finish of this article, you may be knowledgeable with this term and the different realities related with it. An inquiry may emerge in the brains of numerous QB clients, that why they should be comfortable with this term? All things considered, each QB client at a few or the other point needs to install this tool, as without this multi-client access is beyond the realm of imagination. 

Database Server Manager is an incredibly helpful tool offered by Intuit. It ought to be installed and set up on your system where the company files are put away for the best file execution on the network. In the event that you are eager to figure out how to install, update, and set up QuickBooks Database server manager, you can peruse on this blog entry. We have made this to help you in discovering what you need to effectively utilize the QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDSM). 


Comprehend QuickBooks Database Server Manager and It’s Uses 

Prior to delving in profoundly and investigating the realities related with QBDSM, it is prescribed to know what is the issue here. Fundamentally, QuickBooks Database server is a tool that allows the QB clients to appreciate the different version of QuickBooks process. This tool makes the network data files, to get the guarantee that the client has the current year’s service running as a foundation application. This, yet additionally this tool makes a network of data file (.ND) for any company file on the host PC. 

QuickBooks database server manager permits a client to match up company file with other PC. This capacity is helpful and ground-breaking that is planned by Intuit. It likewise encourages you to screen your multi-client network. QBDBSM support multi-client access where different clients can access on a similar company files simultaneously. It additionally encourages clients to make a .Nd file for any company file over your network. 

In this blog entry we have depicted the best strides to install, arrangement and use QuickBooks database server manager. So keep read on! 


Employments of QuickBooks Database Server Manager 

This tool is accountable for making Network Data files (.ND) for any QuickBooks company files found or saved on the host PC. In the event that you are utilizing QB Desktop’s various versions, it’s important to install the Database Server Manager for every version. 

Installing QBDSM various versions will give you different versions of processes (yet not numerous versions of QB software). 

In the event that you are dealing with numerous versions of QuickBooks Desktop, it is compulsory for you to install the Database Server Manager for each version in sequential request (most seasoned to freshest) version. 

Stacking each year’s Database Server Manager guarantees that the year’s database service runs constantly out of sight. In the Windows Services interface these services are notice as QuickBooksDBXX, wherein XX represents the version number, for instance, “28” is for QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and “29” for QuickBooks 2019. 

The QBDSM installed for each QuickBooks software version adds a client. 


Steps to Install QuickBooks Database Server Manager 

Look at the underneath given Info-realistic to comprehend the means for Installing the QuickBooks database server manager. 

  • Right off the bat, you need to double tap on ‘QuickBooks installer’ to actuate the Installation Wizard. 
  • After that Choose ‘Next’ if the system has Internet connection and updates can be downloaded. In the event that there is no internet network, select ‘No’ and afterward ‘Next’. 
  • The next advance is to Close the wide range of various open projects and select ‘Next’. 
  • Peruse the ‘Conditions of the Software License Agreement’ and select “I acknowledge the terms in the permit arrangement” If you concur and afterward select ‘Next’ choice. 
  • Now, select the ‘Custom or Network’ Options. 
  • Pick one of the two installation types: 
  • Select “I’ll be utilizing QB on this PC AND I’ll be putting away” in the event that you intend to run the QB program on this PC. 
  • Select “I won’t utilize QuickBooks on this PC” on the off chance that you will utilize this PC just to store QuickBooks data. 
  • Significant: You don’t need to enter the permit number on the off chance that you select the subsequent choice. 
  • Select ‘Yes’, permit ‘Access. 
  • Type in the ‘Permit Number and Product Number’. 

Follow the prompts to finish the installation. In conclusion, you need to arrange the Database Server Manager after the installation is cultivated. 


Steps to update QuickBooks Database Server Manager 

It’s prescribed to update the ‘Database Server Manager’ occasionally. By and large, it is basic if another time of QuickBooks Desktop is installed on the PCs OR a basic update is delivered. 

  • Go to ‘Update QuickBooks Desktop’ and ‘download the fix’ to the most recent delivery. 
  • Reboot the server after the fulfillment of fix installation. 
  • After the server is updated, you may get the accompanying message on your PC screen: The company file should be updated to work with this version of QuickBooks desktop. 
  • You will get a brief for ‘Making a backup’ as these updates can change, reexamine or adjust the database structure. 
  • Adhere to the onscreen guidelines and after the culmination of the backup, you ought to have the option to open the QuickBooks company file. 


Steps to set-up and utilize the QuickBooks Database Server Manager 

You can scan folders for the company files needed to be arranged for multi-client access. Database Server Manager tool can likewise be utilized to screen nearby hard drives to naturally arrange new QB company files. 

Design Database Services 

  • Initially Go to ‘Start’ and look ‘Services’. 
  • After that Select ‘Services’ and afterward find ‘QuickbooksDBXX’. 
  • Double tap to open service. 
  • Select ‘Stop service’ in the event that it has begun. 
  • Now check the ‘General tab’, in the event that the Startup type is Manual, at that point change that to Automatic. 
  • On the Log On tab, flip the ‘Radio button’ to Local System account from this account. 
  • Go to the ‘Recovery’ tab and change drop-down decision to ‘Restart the Service’ for First, Second, and Subsequent disappointments. 

Re-visitation of the ‘General tab’ and start the service. 

  • Open the QuickBooks Database Server Manager 
  • Go to ‘Start’ and choose ‘Projects’. 
  • Select QuickBooks and afterward select ‘QuickBooks Database Server Manager’. 

Scan Folders feature 

  • You should scan all company files put away on the server in any event once to ensure that they’re arranged fittingly to permit other QB clients admittance to these company files. 
  • The client is first needed to squeeze the ‘Start’ button on the console and select ‘Projects’. 
  • And afterward, select the ‘QuickBooks’ and afterward QuickBooks Database Server Manager. 
  • Select ‘Scan Folders’ and imprint the folders that contain QuickBooks company files. In case you’re unsure where files are put away, select and scan whole plates. 
  • Check the ‘Show bar’ to know which folders are being scanned. 
  • After the fruition of the scan, the QB company files in the scanned folders will be arranged for multi-client access. 

Addition folder: 

The client is needed to tap on the add folders alternative and afterward pick the folder that the client wishes to add. Spot this folder under the folder that contains the company file. 

Erase folder 

  • The folder can be eliminated by clicking on the folders containing the QuickBooks company file, trailed by choosing the eliminate folder choice. 
  • From that point onward, the client is needed to tap on the scan folders recorded under the folders that contain the QB company files. Pushing forward, when the scanning process reaches a conclusion, the client will observe the rundown of the company file on that folder. 

Observed Drives feature 

  • Utilize this feature to stay up with the latest as you stay with adding new files to your server. 
  • Above all else go to ‘Start’ and afterward select ‘Projects’. 
  • After that pick the QuickBooks and pick ‘QuickBooks Database Server Manager’. 
  • Select the ‘Checked Drives’ button and afterward pick ‘All neighborhood drives’ you wish to screen for company files that are added, erased/eliminated, or renamed. (It would be ideal if you note that Mapped drives are rarely shown and you can’t screen them.) 

Database Server feature 

  • QuickBooks Database Server Manager empowers you to guarantee 
  • In the event that the QB company files are associated with the server and the client list is signed into each company file. 
  • The QuickBooks Database Server service status (When company files are facilitated by the server, the service ought to be running.) 
  • To change the service status, apply the Services Administrative Tool for arranging the service QuickBooksDBXX. 

Updates feature 

  • The Updates feature can be utilized to download updates to the QB Server and to check the then version of the QuickBooks Server. 
  • Most importantly you need to Press the ‘Start’ on your console or press the ‘Start’ button and click on ‘Projects’. 
  • After that Select ‘QuickBooks’ and afterward ‘QuickBooks Database Server Manager’. 
  • Select ‘Updates’ and follow the onscreen prompts to ‘Check and install accessible’ updates. 

System feature 

This helpful feature empowers you to discover system data of the PC where the database server is installed. 

  • Right off the bat, Press ‘Start’ on your console or press ‘Start button’ and click on ‘Projects’. 
  • Select ‘QuickBooks’ and afterward ‘QuickBooks Database Server Manager’. 
  • Select ‘System’ and continue to audit the ‘System data’ for the system that has the database server installed. 



So this carries us to the furthest limit of this log and useful post. We trust you have taken in the process of installation, updating, setting up and utilizing QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

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