3 Things to Expect from Your First Visit to The Dermatologist

Are you suffering from acne or any other skin condition? Well then what are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment with an expert dermatologist and make a visit to the expert’s office.

However, if its your first time visiting a dermatologist Gatineau or any other location and you don’t know what to expect from your visit then we are here to enlighten you with some info. This guide will help you prepare for your appointment and also make you aware of the things that you can expect from your dermatologist visit.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the things to expect from your first visit to the dermatologist.

1. Medical history and asking your skincare routine (if you have any)

Like a typical doctor’s visit, your first appointment with your dermatologist would be similar to what you would experience with your primary care physician. He or she will ask you about your health complications, your overall medical history and if you are on any medication.

It is important to provide answers for them in detail and as accurately as you can. Your dermatologist will have a better chance of diagnosing and treating your problem if you are thorough about it. Also, make sure to prepare a little bit before you visit a dermatologist. You can write down the following things to discuss with your dermatologist:

–        Any drug store products you are using on your skin (any facial oil, body lotion, cream, etc.)

–        Any prescribed oral medication or ointment you are using

–        Skincare products and routine, you are following

The more detailed you are, the better diagnosis and treatment you would receive from the dermatologist.

2. Skin examination

Expect to be asked to get changed into a paper gown or a robe. If it’s your first time visiting a dermatologist then they may ask for a full body examination to inspect your skin condition and if there is any suspicious mole anywhere on your body.

Although the process of full body examination might feel odd but an expert dermatologist would try to help you with your overall sin complication rather than just for the issue which you came in.

3. Visit more than once

Now, based on your skin complication, you may have to expect more than one visit to your dermatologist. Your dermatologist can only help you out when there is an accurate diagnosis.

Your diagnosis may or may not happen on your first visit. Also, the treatment may or may not work, therefore, expect to make a visit to your dermatologist more than once.


The above listed are some of the most common things that you can expect from your first visit to a dermatologist. Finding the best dermatologist Gatineau or any other location can make the whole experience comfortable and hassle-free. Also, learning about the things you can expect from your first visit will help you prepare better to attend your appointment with the dermatologist. 


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